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Perfect for floors

Whizz Painting Products

Work Tools International produces specialty and decorative paint applicators. Unlimited Creations offers precision faux finish painting tools for specialized wall treatments, while the Whizz Roller System handles virtually every coating and substrate.

Tools and accessories by Worktools International will make your projects easier and faster.

Product Guide Usage:

WhizzFabric Rollers—For flat paints, primers, adhesives, and sizings.
WhizzFlock Rollers—For fast-drying waterborne paints; all paints.
WhizzFoam Rollers—For polyurethane, varnish, and thin paints.
Whizz Lambskin and Padded Rollers—For achieving texture with eggshell or semi-gloss paints.
WhizzVelour Rollers—For eggshell, semi-gloss, and acrylic enamel paints.
Whizz XtraSorb MicroFiber Rollers—For wood stains and preservatives, exterior stains, and waterproofing.
Whizz Cut and Trim Tools—For cutting, edging, and trimming around windows, etc.
Whizz Painting Tools—Roller handles, extension poles, and paint pans.

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